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Everyone involved in the automated testing has to examine the autotest results. The bigger the project is, the more results one has to review. The world keeps getting faster, some products release several times a week if not a day.

Allure Framework is a popular instrument that makes analysis of autotest reports easier. This talk will cover its new version Allure 2. One of its main advantages is extendability: now you can adapt Allure to suite your needs using a plugin system. Besides that, it has a lot of interesting features ranging from test environment and test retries to text fixtures.

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Artem Eroshenko / QametaSoftware /
Artem Eroshenko

Works in web app testing automation for more than 8 years. Has worked in different teams and occupied different positions up to the head of automation testing group. Has a vast experience with popular tools (Selenium, HtmlElements, Allure, Jenkins). Codes mostly in Java and Groovy.

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