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There are different ways systems can be tested. Most test organizations, test teams or testers use one or only a few ways in there projects, even if that way is not the most appropriate. This talk aims to improve that.

Firstly it will explain the difference between scripted testing and exploratory testing, and then explain the different ways of testing on the continuum from scripted to exploratory, i.e. detailed scripting, global scripting, session based testing, bug hunts, test tours and freestyle exploratory testing. Both the essence of every way and the situation it is most useful will be explained. For every way of testing Jan Jaap will also explain how the link with automated testing can be made.

The last part of the presentation will be devoted to giving practices and discussing a checklist which you can use to decide what way of testing is the most appropriate in your project. This part makes the talk very applicable, the checklist can help the attendees to determine which way of testing is the best in their situation.

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Jan Jaap Cannegieter / Squerist /
Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Jan Jaap has over 20 years of experience in ICT-project. He was, is and will always be a hardcore tester, but besides testing he also developed other areas of expertise and skills. Examples of other areas of expertise are Requirements, Scrum, CMMi, Process Improvement, digitalization, and tooling. Examples of developed skills are management, coaching, leading workshops and teaching. With this combination of knowledge and skills, Jan Jaap is able to build bridges between different (groups of) people in projects or organizations and help other develop their own knowledge and skills.

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