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Test automation is not only about writing WebDriver tests. Primary it's about simplifying and optimization the repetitive work and solving the regularly occuring problems.

But for writing good test tools and tests you need to add a lot of overhead — http clients, readable assertions maintaining, project documentation (and so on).

This talk will cover the automation of code writing and mechanics which helps to maintain additional test code. There will be a review of existing tools in Java ecosystem to convert a few declarative lines to a lot of complex code that you can just start to use.

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Kirill Merkushev / Yandex /
Kirill Merkushev

From the school days very interested in Unix and IT in general, so while applying to SUAI he chose the most common IT specialization "Сomputing machines, complexes systems and networks" .

While studying at university, managed to work as an "anykey specialist", a freelancer and a system administrator. Then caught on a chance to work as a testing automation intern at Yandex. Now he works at Yandex for 5 years, for the last couple years as a head of group of test and development processes automation. Has already organised a lot of processes on many projects. Wrote a few test frameworks, and successfuly got rid of them later. Worked with test projects ranging from 1k to 1kk lines of code.

Open source adept, contributor to lot of small libraries for testing purposes. Nowadays maintainer of GitHub plugin for Jenkins. Knows Java and JavaScript. Can Python and a bit Golang.

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