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During web-project testing sooner or later you start to think about mocking the data that goes to front-end. Sometimes this is what manual testing needs, sometimes it is a test automation requirement, and every once in a while that’s what front-end developers want. In this talk I will discuss a variety of tasks that can be solved by convenient mock system. How it affects the developing cycle and speeds up the project development. I will cover different implementations and tell you how we ended up with our own personal favourite – one that makes data modification not just a technical possibility, but a must have tool that is used daily by the whole team. From the beginning to the end: why mock your data, what approaches exist, implementation details of different components and how it affects the project.

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Irina Pchelintseva / Yandex
Irina Pchelintseva

Works at Yandex since 2012 and is responsible for the quality of its main page yandex.ru. Organized testing processes for Yandex.Zen recommendation service (starting from solo testing alpha versions of product as first test automation up to hiring and teaching team of QA engineers), also currently is involved in quality assurance of Yandex.News and Yandex.Weather products. PhD in mathematics.

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