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In this talk two cute Java developers will compete against each other in the style of Mortal Kombat. We will show which of two instruments, Cucumber or JBehave, has more restrictions. We will choose the worst tool. For what?

Many of us have faced the difficulty of choosing a BDD framework. Which library has more features? What complications does it have?

You can learn about frameworks capabilities from documentation or talks in which people praise tools they already chose. But to discover issues and bugs you have to dive through Stack Overflow or personally trial libraries. This talk will help you to avoid a fatal error of choosing the wrong tool to implement autotests.

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Iuliia Kovaleva / Alpha Laboratory
Iuliia Kovaleva

Automation QA engineer at Alfa Lab. Her way in test automation has started 4 years ago. Excel was the main instrument to verify results of PL/SQL functions. Now she's an adherent of BDD methodology and actively promote it. In Alfa Lab she develops and supports UI tests library for scaling the test automation into teams, which uses Cucumber and Selenide. Her favorite hobbies are snowboarding and board games.

Anna Chernyshova / EPAM Systems
Anna Chernyshova

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Systems. An ardent supporter of BDD. Has worked with many test automation tools, took part in the development of test frameworks for large e-commerce projects. Is now working on DevOps practices implementation in teams and participating in the development of BDD library for test automation.

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