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What if I told you that you can write your tests in Kotlin? Never heard of it? If you are using Java now, there are reasons why your tests’ language can be Kotlin. Don’t be afraid, Kotlin is not a rocket science. I’ll tell you how the features of this language make it possible to spend less time on the tests’ support. How clean the code is. And why your favorite libraries/frameworks (e.g. JUnit, HtmlELements, Allure) will stay with you. And, of course, the main thing: how to start. Where possible, a comparison with Java and Groovy will be made. If you do test automation or you develop in Java/Groovy — this talk is for you.

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Leonid Rudenko / JetBrains /
Leonid Rudenko

Leonid has been doing test automation for about 7 years. In Yandex he lead a group which was responsible for test automation of Search interfaces, both desktop (Selenium) and mobile (Appium, Selendroid). In JetBrains he works on integration testing of Team Tools. He is writing tests in Java, JavaScript, Python, Groovy and Kotlin.

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